I transfer written texts from one language to another when translating. The result is a written document or file. When I translate technical texts, I need or have to acquire specialist knowledge in the respective field. In addition, a good result also depends on setting the right tone: I not only transfer words into another language when translating your texts, but I also ensure that your message is conveyed as professionally as possible.

Principle of the native speaker

When translating into English or Spanish, I work together with native-speaking technical translators according to the principle of the native speaker.

Cooperation in a network of colleagues

Do you need a translation for a different language combination than the ones I offer? I would be happy to put you in touch with other colleagues from my network of professionals.

Sworn translations

I would be happy to provide you with sworn translations of your contracts, expert opinions, certificates, records of good conduct, etc. I will treat your data with strict confidentiality.

Request a quote 
On request, I can provide you with an offer for your specific text(s).