Technical equipment &
interpreting teams

If you are planning an event where interpretation is required into and from several languages, you will usually need specialty equipment for interpretation and a team of qualified interpreters. I would be happy to organize this team for you as well as advise you on finding the appropriate technology and service provider. Feel free to call me. You, too, can benefit from my many years of professional experience.

Arrangements for a team of interpreters

Are you planning an event where there will be participants whose native languages vary? I have a network of professional colleagues with different working languages. I would be happy to put together a team of interpreters for you that is perfectly suited to your needs:

  • I take into account the specific language combinations of my colleagues as well as their specific areas of expertise.
  • All colleagues on the team receive all the materials and other information from me, enabling them to prepare themselves professionally for your topic.
  • Before and during the event I will function as a consultant interpreter, being the point of contact for the entire team and act as your go-between, enabling you to focus more on your work.

Interpreting technology

My many years of experience as a conference interpreter puts me in a position to advise you on the best choice of technical equipment for your event. I can also recommend, on request, providers of professional conference technology with whom I have been working successfully for many years.

Write or call me and benefit from my many years of professional experience.